Thursday 12 January 2012

Introducing Junior!

First this:

Junior (First Scan)
7 week scan, 23.04.2011

became this:

Junior (Second Scan) 4
12 week scan, 26.05.2011

which became this:

Junoir (22wk) 3
21 week scan, 02.08.2011

34 weeks

Image 7
39 weeks

And on Monday 12 December at 19.20, Junior arrived!

First minutes after birth

It has been an eventful month. We came home from the hospital on the 14th: S's birthday and Day 2 for Junior.

Second morning at hospital
Second morning

Day 2, coming home from hospital
Coming home from the hospital

Day 13 was Junior's first Christmas, and the entire family came to celebrate with us in London.

Bran and Junior and Christmas stocking

Junior, Bran, Stephen

Bran, Al, Fredda and the boys

Junior in Christmas hat

Junior and Auntie Susan

Junior with the Ossett Crowd


Grandparents, Grandsons and Bob

New Year's Eve at Mamma Rosa, Merton Abbey Mills

Junior met his grandparents and aunt from West Yorkshire, as well as his grandparents from California. His aunt, uncle and 8-month old cousin came from California, along with his cousin's other set of grandparents. In order to accommodate everyone, we rented two flats nearby and it was amazing to spend Christmas and New Year's together.

Junior also took his first Tube ride to Camden. We had intended to go to the London Zoo, but spent much of the afternoon at the Lansdowne Pub instead, with a brief stop for P to enjoy the swings in Regent's Park afterward.

First Tube journey at 3 weeks

Lansdowne Pub, Camden

Regent's Park at 3 weeks

Swinging in Regent's Park

Now, one month later (!), his grandparents are still helping us get into a routine while Dad goes back to work. Junior's job is to regain - and exceed - his birth weight, so we are on a fairly strict feeding regime, sprinkled with midwife visits and advice. We are all getting along fine, even if sleep eludes us throughout the night, and we are so happy that Junior has joined our family.

Happy one-month birthday!

To watch Junior's progress, please bookmark his photo stream:

Junior also has an evolving wishlist of books he would like to read with us: