Saturday, 31 March 2007

something fishy

poor cornelius is still suffering from his goldfish buoyancy problem. about once a week when the water needs to be changed, he starts to float. this week he managed to flip completely upside down.

as usual, bob is totally unfazed.

some people who don't know me better might question my decision to change the water before eating sushi for lunch. you might say i was heartless, cruel, inhumane. but i assure you, that is simply not the case. cornelius will resume his upright position soon, and in the meantime i get to tuck into some nice spicy tuna and salmon. at worst, it's just bad timing, if not brilliant judgement, on my part.

see? not even remotely connected to the goldfish.

* i am sooo going to hear about this from my vegetarian father-in-law and sister-in-law at easter!

ready for the weekend


i try not to bring work home with me, but apparently i was in such a rush to leave the office on friday afternoon that i forgot to take off my neon yellow safety vest before clocking out.


it happens to everyone at some point or another. at least i came straight home with my vest underneath my raincoat, revealing my forgetful indiscretion to exactly no one (until now). the boss' wife once famously wore her vest over to a friend's house, and spent several hours sipping tea and chatting before she noticed that she still had hers on. when she asked her friend why she hadn't said anything, the friend replied that she thought it was part of her outfit. ouch!

anyhow, i suppose i really needed the break this weekend. i have been quite busy at work the past few weeks. i attempted to fix the wasabi jumper last weekend but ultimately knitted a few rows, realized i had made another mistake, ripped back, tried again, made the same mistake again, and ripped it back again. i will try again later when my head is a bit clearer.

for now, i'm enjoying the sun streaming through the windows and music playing on s's ipod. ah, domestic life...!

have a good weekend. i'll post again soon.

xo, b

Sunday, 4 March 2007

i'm a dotcom!

did you notice that my URL changed? don't worry - brandarling is still hosted on blogger, so your bookmark will continue to work. but you can now google me! (kinda. my full name is still virtually unknown on the www and i'm perfectly happy with that.)

and when i get around to it, i'll change the brandarling header, too.

stay tuned!

Saturday, 3 March 2007

wasabi jumper conundrum

oh dear. i was afraid of this. do you see that ridge where i moved from knitting the body in the round, to separating the front and back and knitting each part straight?

here's my dilemma: i doubt if it can be fixed or avoided in the first place. so do i continue and resign myself to the fact that there will be a distinct line across my bodice and back, or do i rip it back and start over (how?)

and i believe that the sleeves are done the same way: start in the round and then finish straight. how weird will that look???

or am i the only person who will ever notice it - besides all those other eagle-eyed handknitters out there?

i really love this jumper so far and want to see it through to the end, so i can wear it with pride and tell people, "yes, i made it myself. isn't it lovely?" but will i always have that twinge of disappointment that it was going so well until i hit that critical point?

any and all advice welcome! please!