Thursday 12 April 2012

Month 4

It's the 12th of April, which means that Junior is now 4 months old.

In March, we had visits from his Aunt S and his Grandma & Granddad.

With Aunt Susan

At Tartine in Tooting

With Grandma & Granddad

With Grandma & Granddad

It was my first Mothers' Day, or Mothering Sunday as it is known in the UK. Since Mothers' Day is celebrated in March here, but in May in the USA, I figure I'm entitled to both. Right? S and Junior let me have a few hours to get my hair done - thanks!

Mothering Sunday

Junior has also been spending time smiling, cooing, and wiggling.

Whatcha lookin' at?


We had some beautiful spring days, which allowed us to take long walks outside. We joined a group of Mums and Babies for strolls on Wimbledon Common, and had an impromptu picnic in Wimbledon's South Park.


In the Ergo


Junior attended his first grown-up dinner party and was very well-behaved. He entertained the hosts and other guests before dinner, ate his own dinner (with Mum in the living room), and fell asleep before dessert (allowing Mum to rejoin the party.)

At my first dinner party

Other milestones:
  • At 14 weeks, he was weighed at 12 lbs 15oz / 5.89kg
  • At 17 weeks, he had the last of his first set of immunization jabs
  • First fever and Calpol (infant paracetamol)
  • He rolled over from tummy to back (but has yet to repeat his performance)
  • He started laughing at - sorry, with - Dad
  • Teething has begun, and he sucks his fingers, toes, burp cloth, toys, us...

He is definitely taking an interest in the world around him, but he still finds time to nap.

Hugging the boppy

Self-portrait with Mummy

Every day (and night!) is something new and we're enjoying learning together...

Family portrait