Sunday 1 October 2006

london life: phase three

when i first came to london, i had envisioned spending one year as a student and one year working here. what i hadn't counted on was the year in between of meeting s and getting married, job searching all the while. i certainly have no complaints about the way things have turned out. and as of tomorrow, i will officially join the u.k. work force (another damn immigrant taking a british job - ha.)

unlike acechick, i harbor no desires to be "dooced", so i plan to keep work-related blog entries to a minimum. suffice it to say, i trust that working full-time for the first time in two years will not be a harrowing experience. on the contrary, i am looking forward to being in a warehouse surrounded by pocky and rice.

issho kenmei, ganbarimasu yo! *

* i will endeavor to do my best

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Anonymous said...

hip hip, harroy!! apologies for the typo...