Thursday 2 November 2006

value for money

around this time last year, i was feeling increasingly skint* and pessimistic about my employment opportunities in the u.k. so i decided i needed a good book, and decided further to splash out on a new book instead of borrowing one for free from the library.**

but obviously i couldn't spend much money, and i needed something meaty, something that would last a while. something about someone even worse off than myself.

david copperfield.

745 pages about a charming boy who lets people walk all over him, is repeatedly robbed and swindled, sells his own waistcoat to have money for dinner, walks in the freezing cold from london to the south of england, is neglected by every family member he has, marries the wrong woman, and generally makes cringe-worthy decisions along the way. but he learns from his numerous mistakes and you can't help but love him.

all this for 99 pence. bargain!

one year later, i have finished dickens' epic novel. it took me ONE FULL YEAR to read it.

now that's value for money!

* skint: another great britishism that means broke, out of moolah, no money in bank account, nada.

** i couldn't actually use the library because my card had expired, and not having a permanent address in the u.k. at the time, i couldn't get a new one. even the library cut me off! now do you understand why i had to read david copperfield?


Anonymous said...

I was going to read it but now I know what happens, my joy is spent :(

aedredhead said...

i'm so proud of you!