Sunday 17 December 2006

a new stocking to stuff

bday/xmas party aftermath...or why it's best to use cheap ikea ornaments if you want to hang something festive on your door

we celebrated s's birthday last week in style. we headed to the west end to see tim curry in "spamalot" on thursday.

as appropriate, we laughed a lot. we were glad to see the black knight, the knights who say "ni", and the frenchman who insults king arthur and his merry band with the memorable quote, "your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" good fun.

...and now for something completely different...

getting back to the title of this blog, there's a new stocking to stuff this year. i have been reading several craft blogs about making creative, personalized stockings for christmas.

wee wonderful's elf stichette patterns

weeks on

i have always loved our family's knitted stockings, however. my grandmother made them for everyone, and now my aunt has painstakingly recreated her pattern to make one for s.


i love the sparkly sequins and beads that make up the xmas tree ornaments. i love the candlestick and the wreath. i have always loved the jingle bells. when i was little, it was also a treat for me to have a stocking with my name written on it (try finding a keychain with "branwyn" on it outside of wales.) and now s has his own "stephen" stocking.


my aunt sent me the pattern so that i can make stockings for the next generation. if i were smart, i'd start right away, ages before any of my cousins get married and need stockings for their spouses, and eons before any of us start having kids of our own. i just hope everyone chooses easy, short names. i can understand why my grandmother named her youngest child jay!

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Anonymous said...

I like how you decorated the fish's house too, for the holidays! Everyone deserves a little sparkle this time of year!
Happy Holidays from Colorado!