Tuesday 9 January 2007

the wasabi jumper


this is my new project which i have renamed the wasabi jumper. * **


i realize these are crummy photos, but i assure you that the finished garment will be gorgeous. how could it not be when it's made of kidsilk haze and scottish tweed?!


i am knitting in the round, which means that i committed myself to an entire sweater in stockinette - but worse yet, i don't even get to purl every other row! on the plus side, however, it is super easy to pick up and put down again since i am still at the stage where i don't have to think beyond, "K [K] K until body measures 14 inches from turning ridge." i still have a good 10 inches or so before my brain needs to start working in conjunction with my fingers.

* wasabi: japanese horseradish, often colored bright green. it forms a significant part of my work, believe it or not. since i am knitting the bulk of this jumper during my lunch breaks, wasabi seemed appropriate in more ways than one.

** jumper: britishism for sweater. i'm planning an entire blog soon about the differences in names for clothing items in the US/UK. stay tuned!

1 comment:

Darx said...

Gorgeuous! I love it. Love love love it. I just finished my first top-down sweater and I am now a convert-- no seams! Woo hoo!!