Sunday 7 October 2007

lavender in lavender

lavender sachet in jaeger baby merino dk "hula hoop"

about two months ago, i gave c some lavender with the promise that i would make her a sachet to keep it in. i have been wanting to make lavender sachets for a while now. the only pattern i have for one is in erika knight's simple knits for cherished babies and involves 100+ stitches on tiny needles (1 mm, i think). it's pretty, but nooo way.

the easiest thing would have been to modify the pattern on bigger needles with bigger yarn, but as long as i was changing things, i decided i didn't want to settle for stockinette, either.

so instead, i made a variation of the deservedly popular fetching pattern by cheryl niamath, which i made last year for myself. i started in the round with 12 sts; increased to 24 sts; then increased again to 48 sts. the main pattern is a 4x2 rib, with cables throughout. i added a row of small buttonholes/eyelets, through which i threaded a crocheted drawstring. i cast off with a picot edge.

all in all, i'm happy with the general idea, but i should have made it a bit wider (maybe 56 or 64 sts). it's an easy knit, however, and i foresee more in the future.

on the subject of gifts, i spent four solid hours shopping on oxford street today. most of this is not for me!


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KnittingJenny said...

Branwyn, the sachet is beautiful. I am now inspired to knit my own. Thanks.