Thursday 8 November 2007

reading list


i finally finished the books on my bedside table, and have now replaced them. i read seven pillars of wisdom in college, but thought it would be an interesting read (more like skim?) during our jordan/egypt trip.

i have also been meaning to read several books that everyone else has already read... (m: don't give away the ending, ok?!)

the kite runner

the shadow of the wind

a short history of tractors in ukrainian

but sadly, my main reason for buying new books was to acquire the ABSOLUTELY THRILLING life in the united kingdom: a journey to citizenship. snooze! but in order to get permanent residency next april, i need to pass the life in the u.k. test. yeah, i know, whatever. i am trying to reserve my true feelings about this until i have that stamp in my passport. it is what it is.

i think i will make s study with me. after all, from what i have heard, most british people wouldn't be able to pass it without studying, either! do you know the differences between the council of europe, the european union, the european commission and the european parliament? how about the percentage of the uk population who say they are christian? muslim? buddhist?

unfortunately, i think i have a better chance of answering those questions than the supposedly easy ones like which sports are most popular in the uk. why don't they ask about useful things like english vs continental knitting styles?


Anonymous said...

hey, let's study together!

brandarling said...

absolutely! i had no idea that you were in the same boat. figured you got ILR ages ago.