Wednesday 23 January 2008

chlorine queen

very proud of myself this week. went swimming yesterday and today. yesterday was great. i had a sudden (very uncharacteristic!) urge to swim during lunch, so i escaped the confines of my office, rode my bike up to the gym (good girl), swam 30 lengths in 30 minutes, and rode back to work.

my dad used to swim at his work; i'm beginning to understand the appeal of swimming in the middle of a workday.

today i went straight after work. the difference is not entirely unpredictable: i had the pool mostly to myself yesterday at 1 PM, whereas it was quite full today at 6:00. still, it was a pleasant swim and a good workout...until i was ready to get out of the pool and noticed that someone had taken my towel! three cheers to the lifeguard for bringing me one from reception.

i would like to go again tomorrow, but first i have to find a new way to dry off.

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