Tuesday 25 March 2008

cheater carrot cake


i made some carrot cake for the easter weekend (bunnies, carrots. geddit?) and cheated big time: i bought pre-cut carrots (gasp, horror!) AND used the food processor to grate them. i noticed a debate on slashfood about the pre-cut fruit & veg question. all i can say is, after breaking a paring knife on a butternut squash and then making carrot cake the easy way, i'm a converted cheater.


glad to report that the carrot cakes went down well, scary food coloring and all.


we walked around leeds a bit on saturday. or i should say, we scrambled from shop to shop, and indoor mall to covered mall, to escape the snow flurries. i'm still not sure if i have a very good idea of leeds as a city, but it was nice to get out. plenty more to explore in future trips up north!


Carolyn said...

Love your little carrot cakes. I can never decide whether it is worth the washing up afterwards using the food processor....but it is a fab cheat!

brandarling said...


i have two words for you: dishwasher, bay-bee!