Sunday 20 April 2008

brighton up your day

s and i spent the weekend in brighton for our anniversary.

saturday was cold, rainy, windy and grey... just what you would expect for a weekend at the english seaside.





while the weather was not entirely unexpected, we hadn't counted on s catching a bad cold right before we left, or me coming down with a wicked sore throat on saturday :( as the saying goes, in sickness and in health... so we walked around the pier and the royal pavilion, taking a leisurely stroll through the brighton museum (free and indoors; my kind of rainy day museum!) we walked up and down the north laine. we thought we would catch a movie in the evening, but google maps on s's iphone led us in the wrong direction - or that is, led us in the right direction, just not far enough. what google maps promised would be a cineworld was in fact a council housing estate, and the closest building devoted to entertainment was a bingo hall. the friendly security guard at the bingo hall suggested we take the number 7 bus to brighton marina, at which point we decided we would a) miss the movie and b) be better off getting some spicy thai food to sooth our colds. so that's what we did.

but the sun came out on sunday and the same sights were decidedly prettier.








happy anniversary, s! hope your cold gets better soon xo

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