Monday 14 July 2008

sugar rush


feeling unappreciated at work? overlooked? ignored?

try my simple solution for winning friends and becoming instantly popular: bring in a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  • watch those frowns turn upside down as your colleagues reach in to grab one
  • get a tiny thrill when they say, "thank you!"
  • delight as they heap praise on your "delicious" cookies and ask for your "secret" recipe

then sit back and watch the hours fly by.

*this method is particularly effective on a monday. also works on friends and husbands.

1 comment:

Martina Dove said...

I must admit that I always ask for secret recepe but only to make the owner of the homemade cookies feel good about themselves while I scoff the fruits of their labour. As you probably know, I will never bake anything but perhaps a decorated mug, in this lifetime.