Monday 4 May 2009

Pic of the Week: 4-10 May

Bigfork, Montana

Bigfork, Montana, June 2004

We visited my grandfather in Montana a few years ago. A few of us spent a day fishing.


fishing 07

fishing b1

I spent most of the day taking pictures, including the colorful rocks at the bottom of the clear river (this week's photo, top.)


Despite my father's best efforts, lilsis was the only person to catch a fish that day. I was quite relieved not to catch any fish. It turns out that I prefer live fish swimming, or dead fish wrapped in rice and seaweed, but not the in-between stage. I'd make a terrible hunter. Just as well, really.

Off to the supermarket!

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aedredhead said...

and look at the smile on my face! i guess i was happy to catch the little guy.