Monday 13 July 2009

Pic of the Week: 13-19 July

Photo Collage: Petra, Wadi Rum & Mt Sinai

Photo collage from Jordan & Egypt

These are some of my favorite pictures, from one of my favorite trips. (Click on the link to see my blog from the trip.)

The camel on the left is sitting in front of the Treasury, in Petra. After spending two days in Petra, we took Land Rovers through the desert, trading them for camels (on the bottom right) after several hours of driving over bumpy sand dunes. It was immediately apparent that camels are better suited to the landscape - it was much more comfortable and they were less likely to break down.

That night, we camped in a Bedouin tent and watched the sunset. The photo in the middle on the bottom was taken around 5 PM Jordan time as the sun was going down and the sliver moon was starting to show. After the trip, I found out that Hank was born in California around the same time, and Sara was watching the moon as well.

The top right photo was taken a few days later. We climbed Mt Sinai overnight and reached the peak just before sunrise. I had been worried about reaching the top, but it turned out that the hike was not quite as bad as I had feared. Still I didn't understand the women climbing in street shoes and even heels. It wasn't that easy but maybe blisters don't matter when you're on a religious pilgrimage. I, being a heathen, was grateful for Gore-Tex lined sneakers. Even without the benefit of a religious background, though, I thought the sunrise was beautiful, so calm and peaceful. Things look different from the top of a mountain. And catching a sunrise is always a rare experience for a non-morning person like myself.

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