Friday 5 February 2010

license to drive

Very pleased to report that I passed my UK driving test today, nearly 21 years to the day when I got my California license. Hooray!

Things I intend to unlearn as soon as possible now:

  • The parking brake as 'hand brake' for stopping at red lights. WTF?
  • Signaling only when necessary. Isn't signaling all the time better? (The theory on this one follows the principle of, 'if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?' In other words, if you are pulling out into the street, for example, and there is no one around, why bother signaling? I still don't see why you shouldn't.)
  • Not giving pedestrians or cyclists the right of way. I really, really hate this, especially since I'm usually the target pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Using mirrors excessively. Mirrors are a great asset to any driver, but the way they teach you to drive over here has you looking behind more than in front.
  • Reversing around corners. OMG this is the stupidest maneuver and I have no intention of ever using it again.
  • Driving with both hands on the wheel all the time, to the extent that shifting is nearly impossible. Also, I know it isn't recommended practice, but turning the wheel with hands at 10 and 2 pushing and pulling is really more trouble than it's worth. And it makes you not only look like a granny, but drive like one, too. Not gonna do it anymore.

Of course, all this is somewhat academic. We don't have a car so I have very little use for a license. I'm happy on my feet/bicycle/the Tube, but it is nice to have some options.

So now I am a fully fledged adult in 2 countries. Sweet relief! Watch out, UK roads...

Thanks, S, for the card!

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Unknown said...

February is the magic charm. Zoom Zoom. xoxoxoxox Mamasita