Sunday 11 September 2011

preparing for junior

Living room shelves
living room shelves

We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. Then we remodeled the bathroom last year. We have always intended to work on the rest of the flat - new paint, new carpet, fix the windows - and we started researching the project in March just before we found out I was pregnant. We would have done the project anyhow, but with a little one on the way, we decided not to wait.

Bedroom shelves
bedroom shelves

One of our main objectives has been to use our small space better. Perhaps there is a better way to arrange the furniture. Perhaps there are better shelf options. Perhaps our choice of colo(u)rs will make a big difference.

We also want something that is easy to clean and maintain. Even without a baby to consider, neither of us is particularly good at cleaning on a regular basis (I admire people who can do it daily or weekly, if that gives you any indication).

Filthy walls
apparently the walls were both lighter and cleaner at one point

So we decided to hire an interior decorator, not that we didn't think we could figure it out on our own, but we figured that a professional might have some other insight or expertise to offer. After several months of contacting people, it boiled down to a woman whose style sense was more traditional and posh than ours, and a man who can best be described as a hipster. We went with the hipster.

As the clock kept ticking, we entered the summer months. We went to California for two weeks. Just as we were ready to kickstart the project in August, we found out that the hipster was going on holiday for most of the month. We spent the next few weeks on our own, finding a decorator/builder, sourcing carpets, choosing paints, and generally doing the things we expected the hipster to do.

what's left in the bedroom

We are now ready for the project to start tomorrow. Or at least, we are as ready as we'll ever be. I used to wonder why so many people wait until they are six or seven (or even eight) months pregnant to move, remodel, paint, etc. Now I know: they may not have a choice!

In the meantime, S has been a superhero, carting books and valuables up to the attic we never used before. We have filled every inch of the crawl space in the bathroom with clothes and other essentials. We are anxious to see what tomorrow holds - where will they start? Will we have to move out? Have we packed enough?

Stay tuned for the continuing adventure!

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