Wednesday 7 December 2011

Ready for Junior



Well, according to the 12-week sonogram, Junior is 3 days late. According to my own calculations, he is due tomorrow. Either way, we are ready for him when he gets here. I have had my hospital bag packed for several weeks and S is waiting for me to summon him back from work.

My parents arrived from California last week. We were a bit worried that they would have trouble getting here, since the public sector announced a one-day strike on 30 November which included a large number of immigration officers at Heathrow Airport. As it turned out, though, enough passengers were scared off that they got through immigration in about five minutes and no one even bothered to check their six suitcases (one of which was filled completely with goodies for the baby). What a relief!

They have been helping prepare Junior's space in our bedroom. Grandmamasita has been busy sewing, knitting and shopping. Grandpop is engineering a hanging device for the stroller at the bottom of the stairs. And everyone has been waiting anxiously for news...

Meanwhile, I am pleased to report that I am still feeling fine. I always feared that I would have a difficult pregnancy but it has been relatively easy: very little nausea, normal (well, for me) energy levels, decent appetite, almost no pain or discomfort, no swelling. I worked until Week 35 and only took two days off when I was not feeling well. I'm still walking, carrying home groceries, cooking and sleeping well. In fact, I think I might be too comfortable - Junior obviously feels happy inside or he would be making more of an effort to appear.

We are encouraging Junior to come late today or early tomorrow so that S can have the rest of the month off work. Come on, baby! We can't wait to meet you xo

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