Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Tree


When I started maternity leave in November, the leaves had just changed colour and were still clinging onto the branches of the tree outside our living room window. At first I took the view for granted.

It was not until a few weeks later, when the tree was virtually naked (just before Junior was born in December), that it occurred to me that I should have taken pictures of it everyday to show the quiet passing of Autumn into Winter.

Never mind. I decided I'd take a few pictures each season and choose the best four to illustrate my view during Junior's first year, and my year of maternity leave.

Since there was not much urgency, I never got around to taking the Winter photo. I waited for a day with blue sky and maybe a bird or a squirrel - but mainly, I got a bit lazy. I looked at the tree everyday while breastfeeding Junior; I even showed it to him, although I'm not sure how far his eight-week-old eyes can see at this point.

This morning, I heard loud grinding noises outside, and by the time I came downstairs, this was all that was left of the tree. About half an hour after I took this picture, they had reduced it to a low stump (no longer visible from our window.)

Now I'm sad. There will be no Spring blossoms, no Summer shade. The squirrels will find a different tree, the birds will perch on the roof instead. My view has changed and I don't take it for granted anymore.

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