Tuesday 12 June 2012

six months


Junior is six months old already. Everyone says children grow up fast - it certainly feels that way. The past few weeks have been a period of rapid growth for Junior.

We started with a week in Yorkshire and the Lakes.

When we got home, Junior started exercising his legs.

We had the gorgeous summer weather that we missed 'oop North', and we had a few picnics with friends.


Wimbledon Common

Womb Mates

Picnic in South Park, Wimbledon

Picnic (MarbleCam)

Then we started feeding him solids. So far, he has successfully tried baby rice, applesauce, carrot purée and a soft carrot stick.


Carrot purée

But his main achievement has been rolling, which led quickly to getting up on all fours, crawling (or lunging forward, with nearly the same effect), and just two days ago he sat up by himself for the first time - all in the space of no more than five weeks.

On all fours

Sitting up for the first time

We have had to retire some favourite clothes that don't fit anymore, and replace them with new faves. I am proud to say that in six months, we have yet to lose anything, not even a binky or a sock. Sadly, we are about to 'graduate' from yoga class - with Junior's newfound mobility comes the increased potential for accidents or simple mayhem. He is beginning to enjoy swimming more; at least he splashes his arms and kicks his legs. We sing songs ('stretchy stretchy K' brings a smile to his face) and he is showing more interest in his books.

And perhaps it is inevitable that with all this energy and motion, he needs his sleep, too.


Bare feet

Six months has passed so quickly. Junior used to be the smallest baby of the group. Now the other mums are jealously asking me for tips on encouraging self-feeding and crawling. I wish I could take credit for it, but the truth is that My Genius Son figured it out himself. Maybe he'll tackle potty-training next month - ha!


Anonymous said...

well done on all these achievements! also, i love the blanket he's on in your pics! where did you get it from?

brandarling said...

Thanks! He's crawling properly now, and just got his first teeth at 29 weeks :)

The blanket came from my AMAZING mother. I'll do a post about her creations soon - waiting for another cute sleep sack!