Wednesday 6 August 2014

4 months

Funny how the time passes so quickly, especially with the second child. You already have some expectation of what s/he can and can't do at various stages. By ten weeks, Junior was already holding his own bottle. By seventeen weeks, he started sucking his toes. So it was both surprising and not-at-all-surprising when Juniorette started holding her own bottle, but not sucking her toes.


Her feet are far from idle, however. By kicking her legs and digging in her heels, she managed to propel herself across the living room floor more than once.


She enjoys standing up - will she skip crawling and go straight to walking? - and is remarkably steady.



She is also big enough to wear hand-me-downs from her cousin and brother. Part of me is quite relieved that we had a boy first, then a girl; Juniorette can wear boy clothes far easier than Junior would be able to wear girl clothes. It's sexist and arbitrary - why shouldn't Junior be able to wear sparkly pink outfits, skirts, dresses? - but we have not had to deal with it in any event. When and if Junior shows a preference for "girly" clothes, I won't be the one to hold him back.



The rest of the month, we have been playing with friends and family.


The British Museum. Top tip: the family room in the basement is a great place to avoid the crowds (and the art) on a busy weekend.


But some of my favourite moments are the mundane family ones. Eating dinner. Cuddles in bed.



We are in a nice routine these days while S is still off work. Junior is settled and is generally helpful around the house, with only momentary (and often predictable) toddler tantrums and mood swings. Juniorette is eating and sleeping well. She barely cries and often gurgles, squawks, and smiles. I am happy not to be at work (especially right now, while they move the company to our new warehouse) and I am constantly reminded of just how lucky we are. Go, Team D!


Teentweentoddler said...

Two very beautiful children! Sounds like you're all doing great and really enjoying life, lovely to hear x

brandarling said...

Thank you! We have it very very lucky. Long may it continue!