Thursday 6 November 2014

7 months

Food, glorious food!


Juniorette was so excited to start eating solids at 26 weeks. Given my sweet tooth during pregnancy, I had convinced myself that she would be a picky eater. As it turns out, she'll eat pretty much anything we give her.

We started with purées and smooth foods like baby rice and bananas, the same things we had given Junior at the beginning. But we soon moved to a more baby-led-weaning approach of finger foods and small tastes of whatever we are eating. She has a healthy appetite, and gets quite jealous if you don't offer her anything while you're eating.

She also spends much of her day playing. With her increased mobility, Junior's toys (and our laptops) are that much more accessible...


It was unseasonably warm on Halloween, so I let her roll around on a picnic blanket in the park. She was absolutely delighted.


Sitting up, mostly unaided

Sitting up, fully unaided!

Her ability to fall asleep anywhere and in any position convinced us that she was ready to move out of the travel cot in our room, and into Junior's room.

Searching for toys under the coffee table? No, napping.

Outgrowing the travel cot


While she was perfectly happy with Junior's hand-me-down cot and the robot bumpers that my mother made for him, Grandma outdid herself with a new set of bumpers personalised with Juniorette's name.



Sweet dreams, smiley girl!

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