Monday 21 November 2005

balham living

after living out of a suitcase for two and a half months, while my things were lovingly tucked away in m's garage, i moved into my new flat over the weekend. it was a happy reunion - especially when i was reacquainted with all my warm sweaters and gloves!

here's a look around.

notice how my single size duvets don't really cover the king size bed! guess i'll just have to make another IKEA trip... sigh :) the scarf hanging off the end of the bed was a gift from s's vietnam vacation. the backlit circle above the bed is a round stained glass window.

here is a better picture of the stained glass window. the van gogh irises were left by the former occupant (my landlady) who shares similar taste in impressionist art.

as if living in a purple room wasn't girlie enough, i put some sentimental objects on the desk/table (there are shelves hiding under the drapes.) the blue flowers were a housewarming gift from s. the lucky bamboo is the only kind of plant i seem not to kill, and i need all the luck i can get right now. the pierre marcolini bag holds a box of belgian chocolates that i am saving for a special occasion. the "play with your food" card came from my sister the day i moved in - hurrah! the london book was a xmas gift from mamasita last year, and the tea was my birthday present. it's just too pretty to drink! oh, and you can see the bear peeking out in the back - i knitted him/her/it (?) earlier this year.

i have two big windows that look onto the street.

one of the best things about this flat is the amount of storage space. check out my closets:

take a deep breath; we're going in. i know, i know: ugh! how can i keep everything so neat? one word: IKEA.


ok, i'll give you a break from my obsessive compulsive nature. let's take a walk down the hall...

most of what you see from here belongs either to my landlady or to my flatmate. the living room:


this is the garden. it must be lovely in the spring and summer, but i don't plan to spend much time in it right now.


the upstairs bathroom. can't wait to take a long hot bubble bath with the lavender bath soap that my sister gave me from l'occitane.

moving downstairs, we get to the kitchen and other bathroom, complete with power shower.



we have an underground kitchen, but the yellow walls and plants in the windows make it bright and homey.



finally, the pantry: washer/dryer and big fridge. very luxurious!

not pictured here is the spare bedroom. book now to come visit me!!!

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