Sunday 8 January 2006


i love thanksgiving. it means different things to different people, but to me it is about family, friends and food. not necessarily in that order!

one of my favorite things is sharing thanksgiving with non-americans, which is made easier by living outside the u.s. this year, i made turkey, cranberry sauce, and two kinds of gravy. my lovely friends provided the veggies, potatoes, desserts, wine and snacks to make a perfect meal.

i ended up buying a frozen turkey and defrosting it the day before.

s helped chop vegetables for the turkey:

i was in charge of washing and preparing the turkey:



the trick to getting a juicy, flavorful turkey is not being afraid to rub butter under the skin. i also add rosemary twigs. trust me, it tastes better than it sounds.


it cooked incredibly fast: what should have taken three hours took about half that. we did have to carve it and put it back in for some extra time, but it stayed juicy and moist.

mmm, turkey!

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