Friday 24 February 2006

baking weather

the weather has been cold, wet and nasty this week. we had a spontaneous hail storm the other day:


so it seemed like as good a time as any to stay indoors and bake. i found a recipe for lemon cupcakes with lemon cream and used the tulip baking molds for the first time.


i put too much batter in each mold so the bottoms (or tops, as it were) became too round to lay them flat. s kindly held one up so you can see the tulip shape on the front (which then became the back.)


the recipe was nice and lemony, and the overall effect was like eating super-sized madeleines. i would make them again, but maybe try a cream cheese frosting on top (although the lemon cream on the inside was nice.)


meanwhile, you might notice that i am taking more pictures with my camera phone. my beloved canon powershot G2 appears to have died right after we got back from york. i am going to see if it can be fixed. sob!

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