Wednesday 15 February 2006

in the news

i have been enjoying the news this week.

i am all in favor of the full ban on smoking in the u.k. i am somewhat bemused by people who claim that banning smoking infringes on civil liberties. i choose not to smoke. my decision does not affect the breathing air, lingering-smoke-odor-on-clothes, or health of anyone around me. if someone chooses to smoke in public, their decision impacts me as well. how is their freedom to smoke greater than mine not to? i don't see it. bring on the ban...

i have also been following the story of dick cheney's hunting accident partly because i think it's funny, but mostly because i want to know what happens next. as far as i am concerned, this is just one more reason for gun control.

i am also watching the olympics in torino, albeit bittersweetly, and only when i can catch a bit on s's TV. i really wanted to work there... sob!

the one story that i don't understand at all is the cartoon fury. so i won't comment on it here.

as always, however, my favorite news comes from the daily show. true reporting genius.

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