Wednesday 21 June 2006

close to home

i realized that i haven't posted any pictures of our 'hood, so here is a selected tour of colliers wood.

much of the area is nice and suburban like this:


but there are a few aspects that make me go hmmm...

we are still trying to figure out why the royal naval association has a club on a landlocked street:



this is one of the most popular local hangouts but we're still not entirely sure why. it has something to do with the "wacky warehouse" indoor jungle gym for kids... connected to the "kiss me hardy" restaurant.


the river wandle wanders through the town. i was surprised the first time i discovered that people fish in it, especially next to the main road.




but the most tragic waste of space must be this blight of colliers wood: the tower next to the tube station, and its adjoining parking lot.


this hideous monstrosity needs a serious upgrade. call in the demolition team!

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