Wednesday 12 July 2006

(k)new knitting

two of my friends had babies this spring, and i recently completed a baby sweater for each of them. i call it the london jumper.

e's baby boy got one in brown and green camouflage colors to inspire him to be an eco-conscious forest ranger when he grows up. i also made him a mini london jumper for a tiny friend.

jumper for baby drake

k's baby got the same one in a yellow and aqua colorway which has rapidly become one of my favorite yarns ever. he got a matching hat - although i fear that the sweater will be too big while the hat is too small. oh well.

jumper for baby kohei

so after months of boring stockinette stitch, i decided it was time to take the next step with my knitting: double-pointed needles.



aw, heck. why stop there? add a fifth DPN and make cables!


unless arthritis or repetitive stress syndrome kick in, i will conquer this fetching pattern

and since i am so in love with the jaeger baby merino dk, (and since my currently pregnant friends refuse to find out if they are having baby girls who merit me making more london jumpers), i am going to use fun pink yarn for myself this time.


ooh, project!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yarns :)
I'm thinking about re-acquainting myself with my knitting needles to make some soakers for my new baby (butt sweaters, as it were). I'm enthralled by this colorway:

- wren