Sunday 16 July 2006

weekend in wales

my parents are visiting and we met them in wales for the weekend.

typically, we saw lots of sheep:

not so typically, the weather was gorgeous, sunny and hot:


apparently, the locals also thought it was a great day for the beach. they're not as picky about suntanning (or burning, more accurately) on rocks as californians would be. *



the water was quite refreshing, despite the rocky terrain.



the landscape was beautiful and we enjoyed the scenery.

cliffs in southerndown

thatched roof cottage in merthyr mawr

caerphilly castle

look up the vale of glamorgan, wales, on google earth and have a look around... v cool.

* reader anne points out in her comment that it was high tide, so there is actually quite a large, sandy beach at other times. we should have recognized it from dr. who. by the way, who noticed the dalek on s's t-shirt?


Woman of Wales said...

useless fact no 8745
The final scenes of Dr Who series 2 were filmed at Southerndown, which doubled as Bad Wolf Bay in Norway. You probably didn't see it at it's best as it was high tide when you visited, low tide reveals a huge expanse of sand ideal for bathing (and spreading out the crowds!)
Did you go tobogganing down the sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr, they're about a half mile further than the village - great fun if exhausting!

Woman of Wales said...

love the t shirt!