Wednesday 23 August 2006

home improvement

hey acechick, does this post look familiar?

i have a problem and i am (wo)man enough to own up to it. i am a neatnik. i like things to be neat and tidy. i like it when everything has a home. i like putting things inside of other things. i can relate to monica geller on friends and bree van de kamp on desperate housewives in their unending battles against magazines that are placed two inches toward the wrong side of the coffee table, and dirty dishes left in the sink.

i have a problem and i know it. i try not to let it affect those around me too much - i can handle other people's messes; i just prefer to keep my things neat.

so it was only inevitable that i wouldn't last long in a bedroom where the floor doubled as a closet.



credit to my fabulously understanding husband... he endured two trips to IKEA. helped build the furniture. helped fold the clothes and put them away.



and we now have the most wonderful wardrobe, complete with sliding doors.


but it gets even better! the magnificent s also cleared some space for me on the bookshelves! i have a craft basket!


but wait... there's more. he surprised me most of all when he came home from a routine trip to wimbledon with these:



we have goldfish! the fantail is named cornelius maximus wilmington the 4th (...naturally...) and the gold one is bob.

two days later and they're still happily swimming around their fish bowl, no doubt admiring their pleasant home. i know i am!

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