Wednesday 9 August 2006

say "i love you" with cheesecake

s left his company yesterday after five years of working there. since he made me tiramisu for graduation a few weeks ago, i made him a cheesecake to reciprocate.


the adorable le creuset heart-shaped ramekins were a wedding gift from j, which happened to match the larger baking dish from c.

pictured with the crust - crushed ginger snaps and digestive biscuits

s and i struggled with the wedding registry dilemma, much like other couples these days. as we noted when people asked, we are setting up a house together for the first time, but neither of us is setting up a house for the first time. we have a well-stocked kitchen; an enviable amount of apple products; and perfectly fine sheets and towels. seeing the towers of crate & barrel boxes that both my sister and my best friend received for their weddings, i was glad we had asked for donations to amnesty international, cancer research uk, and (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) our honeymoon, student loan repayment and macbook pro funds instead. however, i must admit that i quite like the le creuset!

s now has almost three weeks before starting his new job. hopefully, i will also have a new job in the not-so-distant future and we can use the ramekins to celebrate...again!

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MLB said...

I love these. I saw them at William Sonoma and I have been thinking about them ever since.

May have to invest in them for next year!