Tuesday 6 February 2007


for many people, february is the longest month. it's dreary and cold and seemingly endless.

february has always been my favorite month. it's lively and lovely and, yes, seemingly endless.

in the san francisco bay area where i grew up, february is when the flowers start blooming - it's hard to call it "spring" because there's usually not much of a "winter." seasons have very little meaning in the bay area, if you ask me.

it's also the month of birthdays. my mom. my best friend's mom. me. my sister.

extend back to the end of january and there's my best friend's dad.

fast forward into march and there's my sister's husband and my best friend. there's also my husband's sister. that's a lot of aquarians and pisceans.

of course, there's also valentine's day, or as i like to call it, schmalentine's. schmalentine's is definitely better when there's someone special to share it with, but i have always preferred to think of it more as a prelude to my birthday - surely a more worthwhile occasion.

so, to celebrate february, s and i are going to california for a quick trip to see my family next week. i can't wait! more pix soon...

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