Sunday 25 February 2007

monterey bay aquarium


i know it's petty, but i'm jealous. s got a comment on his blog from the PR manager at the monterey bay aquarium, and i want one, too. or at least a kind comment from you, dear reader. (see, this is why i don't have stats enabled on my blog. i don't want to know who reads - or doesn't read - my blog. it's healthier that way. hmph.)

the monterey bay aquarium really is one of my favorite places in california, and i'm not just saying that. i always thought that if i were more scientifically inclined, i would love to be a marine biologist. as it is, i have my advanced open water SCUBA diving certificate, which is the next best thing. i once went on an ill-fated diving trip in monterey with my best friend's brother - our goal being to swim among the otters. unfortunately, forces conspired against me and i couldn't sink, so i ended up bobbing along the top of a kelp bed until we gave up and went home. if you can't swim with the otters, the aquarium is a great alternative for viewing them without getting wet.

anyhow, as ken peterson noted on s's blog, it is not easy to photograph the sealife at the aquarium, but i think i managed to get a few decent shots. (so did s, for that matter. much better jellyfish in general.)

upside-down jellyfish, with one right-side-up in the foreground





a penguin pic for m. i know she'll leave a nice comment, even if you can see reflections in the window!

an unusual photo op of the octopus on the move

stepping outside the aquarium for a moment, we came upon another rare sight. before we went to the aquarium, i had read about the new baby otters and was a bit disappointed that our visit was just a few weeks too early to see them. imagine, then, our excitement at seeing a real live baby otter feeding with its mom!

what you can't hear in these photos was the "meep meep!" noises they made to stay in contact with each other. too cute!




a seagull got in on the feeding action





extreme close-up! thanks to s for helping me photoshop them






if you can't get to the aquarium, check out youtube. not quite as good as the real thing, but some of the videos are surprisingly well done!


Anonymous said...

If I admit that I'm jealous because you got a picture of the octopus and I didn't would you say that we're quits?

aquaken said...

And can I say that I would have commented earlier if my blog search had uncovered your post.

Definitely cool jelly shots! And even cooler series of mom & pup in the waves out in the bay.

-- The aquarium PR guy

Anonymous said...

i love your jellyfish shots, too! - Carol

Martina Dove said...

Penguins you know already