Sunday 23 September 2007

cycling the northern line overground

there was a city-sponsored cycling event through part of london today. s and i got a late start, but still managed to ride on streets we wouldn't normally dare. cool.

cyclists on the embankment




meeting k and c at temple tube


it was impressive to see so many cyclists in and around central london. while i had, in fact, pre-registered for the event, and received one of the coveted event packs, i did not wear my red reflective bib (seen in the photos above). perhaps wearing a neon yellow high visibility vest at work everyday made it seem a bit less exciting. still, i try to be a responsible cyclist - i always wear a helmet, use hand signals, and wear sensible clothes (most of the time.) the trouble is that no matter how safe you think you are as a cyclist, drivers have other ideas. it was amazing to ride along the embankment without the fear of being hit by a taxi.

and now for our route. i used google maps to get approximate distances.

flat --> wimbledon station: 1.9 miles
wimbledon station --> waterloo station via train: 8.8 miles
waterloo station --> temple tube station: 1 mile
temple station --> embankment station: 0.6 miles

break for lunch on villiers street with k and c

embankment station --> london bridge: 2.2 miles
london bridge --> flat: 8 miles

total cycling distance: 13.7 miles more or less

and now i'm feeling good from the endorphin rush, but my bum is sore!

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Unknown said...

Now is a time to keep cycling so that poor sore bum hardens up.....
Love, mamasita