Sunday 30 September 2007

dubai wedding, bay-bee!

OMG OMG OMG i'm sooo excited!

my SOAS friend, h, is getting married! and my other SOAS friend, c, and i are going to the wedding!

in dubai!

h and c in cambridge, may 2005

we all did the master's in international management at SOAS. i focused on japan, and ended up working for a japanese food wholesaler in london. c focused on china, and currently works for an energy trading company in beijing. h returned to dubai after focusing on the middle east/northern africa, and fell in love with a co-worker while they were both at microsoft.

h, c and i truly became friends while revising for exams. c invited us to her parents' house in cambridge to get away from the library and we had such a good time. of course, growing up near cambridge university, c is a master at the british art of punting.


i love this photo. h looks like a queen, while c navigates along the river.

but h, characteristically, was not content to be swept along without trying it for herself.


this photo makes me laugh out loud every time i see it.

to be fair to the bride and her tongue of concentration, i looked like a dork when it was my turn.


no career waiting for me as a gondolier in venice!

sadly, after exams were done and dissertations were written, we found ourselves stretched across time zones. it will be so good to see both of them again and celebrate with h on such a special occasion. stay tuned for reports in late october after the wedding.

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