Tuesday 25 December 2007

merry merry happy happy!


happy holidays from mr. and mrs. d!

it's rainy in london - more a "wet" xmas than a "white" one - and once again, santa failed to bring me a pony, but otherwise, it has been a great day filled with lovely surprises.

hope you're having a good day, too!


Stephen Darlington said...

There were two main problems with the pony.

Firstly, Santa traditionally arrives through the chimney. Of course we don't have a chimney. And a pony wouldn't fit through the letter box, at least not without alterations that would make it less horse-like.

Secondly, Santa likes a sherry and a mince pie, or milk and cookies, but we left neither. Maybe the lack of equine gifts is some form of petty revenge? I never knew that Santa was so vindictive.

Best seasonal wishes anyway...

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You've always wanted a pony? Well, why the heck didn't you ask for that instead of A Christmas Story on DVD. I couldn't have taken care of a pony *much* easier! And shipping to the UK? No problem!