Wednesday 18 June 2008

seen the sidebar?

just a quick update to my blog, allowing you even more voyeuristic ways to peer into my online life.

follow me on twitter...

and read things i have bookmarked on

i am brandarling on both sites.

you might also want to bookmark my RSS feed (*cough* mom, pop, big al *cough*) so that you can keep up with my recent adventures.

i would recommend to anyone who finds interesting things on the web, but cannot find them again later. it's a great alternative to adding another bookmark to your already-long drop down menu.

i'm not so sure about twitter yet, but maybe if more of you join and follow me, and i can follow you, then we can carve out a little corner of the web for ourselves...

what do you think? tell me, what are you doing right now?

1 comment:

Middle Ditch said...

What I'm doing right now? Well, browsing through blogs and that's how I found you.