Saturday 25 October 2008

kitchen: first meal


wow - i like the new oven!

we didn't take aed's suggestion to make spaghetti and meatballs (maybe tomorrow), opting instead for pork chops with roasted veg and potatoes sprinkled with olive oil, ground pepper and fresh rosemary. we put the oven on the 'convection with ring heating element' setting. somehow it defaulted to 80°C which didn't seem hot enough. s figured out how to increase the temperature to 180°C. i put the veg in first on the top shelf while the potatoes boiled. (we also have to figure out the temperature settings on the hob. the burners go from 1-9. the manual suggested 4 or 5 for boiling potatoes. i don't think 5 is hot enough to properly boil potatoes, but since we only wanted them parboiled it worked well enough).

i added the pork chops onto the same rack as the veg. the veg seemed to cook quite fast once they got started. i added the potatoes on a lower shelf. after a few minutes, i switched the racks so the potatoes could brown; in the meantime, some of the veg practically evaporated!

i was not too confident about the meal until we tried it. everything tasted great! fresh rosemary certainly helps, but the convection oven kept it all moist and flavorful, while giving the potatoes a nice crispy brown edge. (i could have made them extra crispy à la ddd, but we were getting hungry and everything else was already done. next time.)

and cleaning the roasting tin: easy! woo hoo!!! can't wait to use it more!

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