Sunday 26 October 2008

kitchen: organizing

i filled the cabinets this afternoon.

the tea cabinet

dishes and glasses

s's new coffee corner

cereal and baking

under the sink
for now, the pots and pans are stacked (crammed) on the bottom shelf, but we hope to alleviate some of that when we hang the shelves and rails. it will be a few days (weeks?) before that can happen, though.

under the oven
this drawer is a bit disappointing - it is so shallow that the springform cake tin won't even fit. still, i managed to use the space as well as i could.

the cantilevered carousel - top shelf
i am quite pleased with the carousel. food that used to live in the upper cabinets and on top of the counters now has a nice home, with the added bonus that i can reach it. there is also room for more. eventually, we are going to hang some magnetic spice racks underneath the cabinets, but for now the spice jars are inside the carousel.

lower shelf
very pleased with the lower shelf, too. the only thing that does not fit very well in here is the vegetable oil. as luck would have it, we ran out of olive oil yesterday, but both bottles are too just a bit too tall for the carousel. we will either need to buy shorter bottles or find a different place to store them. i recently read that some people keep their olive oil in the fridge... the only person i ever knew who kept olive oil in the fridge was a friend in japan, who needed the extra "warmth" in the winter so it wouldn't freeze on her counter! where do you keep yours?

would you like to see the carousel in action? it's very swish.

so the best part is that the counters are much cleaner and less cluttered than before. next steps: flooring, replastering and tiling, painting, and hanging shelves and rails. in the meantime, s is making curry and rice for dinner. yum!


in other news, british summer time officially ended last night. on the plus side, we got an extra hour in bed. on the down side, the days are getting shorter. too bad hibernation is not an option!

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Anonymous said...

You should never store olive oil where it will get light. It destroys it. You might want to consider getting shorter dark green bottles and keep it in those.

as for no more daylight savings time: poo!