Friday 7 January 2011

The Week in Planes :: 1

In 2009, I used photobox to make a 'deluxe desk calendar' for my desk at work, and I started posting the photos here every Monday. In 2010, I continued with the Pic of the Week, using photos I had ColorSplashed on my iPhone.

For this year, I couldn't decide on a photo theme. Or a calendar theme. Or a weekly theme. I began to panic as it got closer and closer to January and I still didn't have a desk calendar. Then I found my answer: paper airplanes.

So I have started folding paper airplanes everyday and providing entertainment for my office (they are all very jealous of my growing collection.) I am also posting photos to flickr with the iPhone App, instagram. The only part missing is to share my creations with you!

Instead of posting every Monday, I have decided to post The Week in Planes at the end of every week this year. Without further adieu, I give you a selection from the past few days. I also changed my blog layout - what do you think? Enjoy!

Paper airplane 05.01.11
The Harrier, 05.01.11
Foldability: folded from the wrong end of the paper first
Flyability: OK

Paper airplane 'Wombat' 06.01.11
The Wombat, 06.01.11
Foldability: good
Flyability: OK

Paper airplane 'Flying Fish' 07.01.11
The Flying Fish, 07.01.11
Foldability: good
Flyability: good


Anonymous said...

love the concept. want to see more. are there really that many different planes to fold or are the folds the same and the designs different????. do tell.

Allyndreth said...

Love the planes, but may take time to get used to the new format. The old format was so familiar. But change is good, right?