Friday 21 January 2011

The Week in Planes :: 3

The planes got more difficult this week, involving scissors and tape. Unfortunately, the better they looked, the worse they flew - or maybe I just need to refine my throwing technique.

Paper airplane 'DC-9 Airliner' 17.01.11
DC-9 Airliner, 17.01.11
Foldability: difficult
Flyability: I wouldn't want to be a passenger on this plane... Most flights ended up crashing nose first into the ground

Paper airplane 'D'Artagnan' 18.01.11
D'Artagnan, 18.01.11
Foldability: good
Flyability: the simple design makes this the best flier so far

Paper airplane 'A4 Skyhawk' 19.01.11
A-4 Skyhawk, 19.01.11
Foldability: difficult
Flyability: tends to curve to the left

Paper airplane 'Orion' 20.01.11
Orion, 20.01.11
Foldability: OK
Flyability: so-so. Nice paper (love the star design) but the folded plane resembles a manta ray more than a plane.

Paper airplane 'P-51 Mustang' 21.01.11
P-51 Mustang, 21.01.11
Foldability: difficult
Flyability: not great, but it looks good...

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