Tuesday 8 March 2011

lessons about hot water bottles

Hot water bottle

I asked for a hot water bottle for xmas. I have never used one before, and it took until now to try it. S, my human heater, does not understand why I would want to add more warmth to the bed, so I took the opportunity to use it last night while he is away for work.

The instructions made it clear that I should not use boiling water. I'll admit, I was doubtful that hot water from the bathtub would be effective, but if anything, it gets hotter inside the bottle. It's still warmish this morning. Score 1 for the instructions!

I also discovered that it is not very moveable - once you curl up with it, it'll be there until morning. I tried to shove it to a different position, but it doesn't slide very easily between the sheets. In the end, it was easier for me to move around it, rather than the other way around.

I don't think S will enjoy it very much, but I have something to keep me warm when he's not around now. Thanks again to my sister-in-law for the gift!


Martina said...

yes hot water bottles are not very slidey. My grandad used to heat a slate for the roof on the aga in the kitchen and dress it in cloth bag (washing powders used to come in the cloth bags in the 70s). We warmed the bed with that. very slidey, however not very comfy to cuddle up with or put your feet under as you technically hugging a flat brick

brandarling said...

Even I draw the line at sleeping with bricks :)