Monday 25 April 2011

Rhodes Road Trips

The easiest way to explore Rhodes is by renting a car. We drove down the East Coast to Lindos first.

We stopped along the way at the Seven Springs, which were slightly disappointing:

Sign helpfully says, 'The 7 Springs are at your left.' Wow, that's it? Good thing there is a sign because we definitely would have missed it.

We continued down the coast, and reached Lindos around 1 PM.

The main attraction is the acropolis which looks out over white-washed houses on one side, and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. We decided to go straight to the acropolis before lunch; fortunately we got there before it closed at 2:40! Not quite tourist season, apparently.

Lindos was beautiful, despite the threatening rain cloud which kept following us.

The next day, we drove down the West Coast to the Valley of the Butterflies. We had the place mostly to ourselves and enjoyed an ambling walk through the trees.

Mountain crab?

Continuing on, we visited the acropolis at Kamiros and had a late lunch on the beach.

S's parents go to Greece every year for their holiday. Having been there at last, I can see the appeal - but I still preferred the perfect weather of April rather than the heat of August/September.

Happy 5th anniversary, S!

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