Monday 25 April 2011

Symi Island

Symi Island is a popular day trip from Rhodes, accessed either by ferry or high speed catamaran. We chose the faster option, which just meant I had slightly less time to wallow in my seasickness getting there. Oof.

It may be their 'Pride' but it was my nemesis...

Thankfully, the pace of life is pretty slow on Symi so there was no pressure for me to recover quickly. We spent a while walking around the scenic harbour.

Symi's fortune was made by sponge merchants (no, really) and most of the old houses date back to their heyday. We took a long walk up through the houses, many of which are currently being repaired and/or sold.

Work horses bringing supplies down the hill...

...and back up again

Greece's most forlorn donkey?

Later in the day we walked around the other side of the harbour, where we found a shipyard and a beach. The Lazy Days was enjoying a peaceful retirement.

By the end of the day, I was finally perking up - just in time to go back to Rhodes. Fortunately the boat ride back was smoother. Next time, I'll look into helicopter options, though...

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krider2010 said...

Some really lovely photos (again). Particularly like the one of the clear water in the foreground, second one in the post. The shades of blue in the sea and sky are perfect.