Friday 12 October 2012

Double Digits: 10 Months!

The big excitement this past month has been walking. Well, almost. He's this close to walking independently. He can stand for quite a few seconds before sitting down or reaching out for something to hold. His actions are becoming more controlled and deliberate. He still prefers crawling, but he is spending more time practicing walking. So we have taken him out a few times to use the walker. He looks like a little old man, grumbling to himself and pushing his shopping trolley down the street...

Walking to the end of our street and back

Walking in the park

As you can see from the videos, he's speedy and determined. He would keep going, if not for all the obstacles and distractions.

Junior loves to explore and usually finds the least obvious place to hang out.

I like confined spaces

Sitting on my toy box

He is also a climber and shows no fear of heights.

I'm not afraid of heights

We took him to Dundonald Park in Wimbledon, and he enjoyed being perched at the top of one of the play structures.

King of all I can see

Merry-go-round tastes nice

Wide open spaces have their appeal as well. He left our picnic blanket at Fulham Palace Gardens to get a better view of a dog...

Fulham Palace Gardens

...and he chased some pigeons in South Park Gardens.

Chasing pigeons

He discovered sand and dirt.

1st sand

Digging in the Dirt

I took him to the London Transport Museum for the first time, and we enjoyed it so much we went back the following week.

Baby crossing

Driving the Tube

Mmmm, tasty Tube train

I can't reach the button!

On rainy days, we visited the library and stayed indoors.

Watching the rain

Story time

And, alas, we are (reluctantly) preparing for colder weather, and battling off runny noses.

Ready for winter


The upcoming month promises both excitement and challenge for all of us: we'll take our first trip to California, and then I'll go back to work. The days are getting shorter and colder. The leaves on the trees are changing. Junior's friends are celebrating their first birthdays, and it will be his turn all too soon.

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