Monday 12 November 2012

Eleven Months

The past month was filled with firsts:

  • Junior's first trip to California
  • Junior starting at nursery as I returned to work
  • Junior's first independent steps

Walking practice at the London Transport Museum
Walking practice at the London Transport Museum

Shopping for leaves
Shopping for leaves at the park

Walking practice
Walker, we don't need no stinkin' walker

Junior has been doing well so far at nursery. I took him for a few hours of 'settling in' the week before I returned to work, and he loved it. The first full day was perfect - no tears, he ate and slept, and he remembered me when I picked him up. The second day was not so good. He cried all day, and his teachers told me that his two top front teeth were coming in. I'm not convinced. He has been teething for months now, and they still have not emerged. The third day went better. I think he is adjusting to the new routine; enduring a growth spurt while mastering the art of walking; and catching a bad cold all at the same time (in fact, he developed a fever over the weekend). It's a lot for a little person.

For my part, returning to work was at once strange and familiar. Nothing has changed, yet everything is different. Predictably, they had no desk, laptop, or mobile ready for me so I spent three days hanging around and using other people's computers when possible. My role is still being defined. Right now it is a relief not to have too much pressure or responsibility, but I suspect that will change as my project develops and they get more dependent on me again. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

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