Sunday 13 January 2008

who's counting?

remember the boxes i shipped over from my parents' house last summer?

s and i finally went to IKEA last week, and i have unearthed my possessions. i went from 13 boxes to one 2 x 4 expedit shelf on top of a 4 x 4, just barely avoiding the ceiling. notice that many items simply went from living inside cardboard boxes to being neatly packed into wicker ones.


because, you know, it's good to put boxes inside of other boxes.

incidentally, the pile of clothes next to the shelves is a good example of the australian word, "floordrobe."


Anonymous said...

You really know you're doing well (and that you are definitely female) when you start putting your boxes inside of boxes and yet again inside of more boxes. And by the way, it's inherited.....Lovely job. but whose floordrobe is it anyway? or do I know without asking.....
Love, Mamasita (and your Grandmother Elaine)

Martina Dove said...

That looks really cute :)

Sara said...

hooray for personal space! Looks really nice -- especially the Floodrobe! ;)

Malnurtured Snay said...

Late comment, I know -- I've considered doing the 2x4 Expedit on top of the 4x4, but I'm worried of the top unit slipping. Have you had problems with that? Is it sturdy in that combination?