Sunday 21 September 2008

Day 4: Litoměřice to Děčin

We started the day with a trip to the top of the chalice in Litoměřice. Remember it from the plaza last night?

Close-up of the chalice

The views were beautiful.





The path in the morning was bumpier than we had had the past few days, mostly riding over gravel. The night before, K had famously told us that the path "might have more hills," as if she didn't already know. We agreed that the best description would be "undulating."


I was pleasantly surprised that the riding was going well. S and I were at the front of the pack most of the day, and we were getting into a comfortable groove.


We stopped for lunch by the river.



After the drama of the first day of cycling, by the third day it was smooth sailing. We kept riding after lunch, and reached Děčin around 4 PM. There was some construction, and the threat of rain, but otherwise it was easy.

Děčin town square



S and I walked around the town a bit, then stopped for a coffee to write some postcards. We had dinner with the group at a restaurant (Czech/German equivalent of an English pub?) near the hotel. The menus were in Czech and German. With all the languages I have studied, I am clueless when it comes to German - I had as much chance of understanding the Czech! On top of that, the service was laughably bad. They took orders at random and brought the food in an equally unpredictable pattern. They brought dessert for some people before we had even ordered ours. Still, we had a good time and we fell into our beds afterwards.

Day 4 Stats:
Distance: 48km
Postcards written and sent: 10

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