Monday 23 January 2006

monday blues

i am more of a green person than a blue one. my blog is green.* my eyes are hazel green. green features heavily in my wardrobe. my politics lean toward the green side. and in the "what muppet are you?" quiz, i predictably come out as kermit the frog. it's not easy being green.

however, in a moment of jane-inspired color/colour appreciation, i noticed that today's palette is blue.


i made myself a large cup of green & black's organic fairtrade cocoa to accompany david vogel's the market for virtue: the potential and limits of corporate social responsibility.

but as interesting as the book is, i'd really rather be knitting.


my mother reluctantly gave me this yarn after she decided that it would be too itchy for her to wear. it is fiesta la boheme in caribbean (the la boheme collection comes in two strands, rayon boucle and brushed kid mohair, that are knitted together.) i am making a scarf in a simple lace ladder pattern and i am very pleased with it so far. i am planning to sew on a beaded fringe to help give it some weight and extra sparkle.

not pictured, but carrying on the blue theme, is the blue sweater i am wearing today, one of those beloved articles of clothing that has traveled far and wide with me for over ten years. chances are, it will still be with me ten years from now.

in other news, thanks to acechick for her comments on the entry below. euro, not euros. mingus, not menzies. see? i'm learning...!


*my blog was green. i just changed the template. what do you think?

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