Friday 20 January 2006

visa hopes

yesterday, i sent off my application for "highly skilled migrant" status in the u.k. it is different from a work permit in that, if i get it, i will be able to live and work here on my own terms. i won't be tied to any particular company - in fact, i could even start my own business if i were so inclined. the HSMP visa is valid for one year initially, renewable for up to four (five?) years, and eventually allows holders to apply for naturalization (or naturalisation; i guess if i want to consider permanent residency in britain, i should learn how to spell things with extra u's and s's instead of z's - by the way, that's pronounced "zed's." but i digress.)

here is the bad news: it is very difficult to obtain an HSMP visa. you have to obtain a minimum 65 points in several different categories. depending on how they judge my application, i could get 60 pts, 75 pts (2 different ways), or 90 pts. i figure that the odds are in my favor, since i am above the requirement in three out of four scenarios.

it's funny - my views on immigration are changing as i realize (realise) more and more that my future lies outside the u.s. all i want is to be a productive member of the society i choose to live in. one of my friends even suggested claiming political asylum from george w's team america (f*ck yeah!), but i wasn't sure if i would have to swear allegiance to tony blair instead. i would rather be able to choose where i live based on factors other than politics, and have the opportunity to stay here without being forced into a marriage of convenience. why should that be so hard?

anyhow, i have my eyes on the prize: i am visualizing the happy day in a few weeks when my application is accepted and i am welcomed to stay here as a highly skilled migrant. it just HAS to work out.

by the way, for all you uri geller fans, i just noticed that i started this blog entry at 11:11 AM, a fortuitous sign indeed. although the current time is 11:29 AM and i usually change the time to reflect when i finish a post, i am going to keep this one as is. i need all the luck and wishes i can get.

oh, and on that note, today's lottery is up to 85 million euros!

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acechick said...

three things:

I'm loving your zeds - lol.

You wouldn't swear allegiance to Tony, it would be to some bird valled Betty Windsor.

The plural of euro is euro. Good luck!